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Lee Oliphant, Daisy and Sweetpea

Don Sather, Sweetpea, Rosie, and Daisy

My name is Lee Oliphant. My husband, Don Sather and I, live with four hens and two labradoodles on a half-acre in the beautiful coastal town of Cambria, along the central coast of California. The temperature is moderate here, averaging in the 60’s and 70’s throughout the year, allowing the the hens to be outside nearly every day. They are confined to their outdoor pen most of the time as our town is inhabited not only by people, but by predators such as foxes, raccoons, coyotes, hawks, and occasionally, by a mountain lion.

The husband, father, and grandfather in the family, was the chief henhouse architect and builder. He also took charge of outdoor technology for our hencam project and shares in the responsibility of caring for our flock. We find our hens to be quite entertaining and took on this hencam project so that we could  share their antics with you.

If you are interested in coastal gardening, please visit my site: Central Coast Gardening. I’ll continue to add garden entries to that site and concentrate on chickens on “Backyard Hencam”. I hope you enjoy our backyard hen project!

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  1. Lee,
    This is a great website! I really appreciate all the information you’ve shared here. I’ve been dreaming about establishing a backyard flock for a long time, and our city only recently changed the ordinance to allow it, thanks to some dedicated activists. Since we live in a northern climate, I have some concerns as to how to keep the hens healthy and warm through the winter, but will do some more research on that. Just wanted to commend you on a the great resource you are to the larger community! Thank you so much!

  2. I love this website, especially the barred rock! I had chickens all my life. from Silkies or Mini game chickens, until I had to move in town, and there is a city ordience against chickens in town. What a beautiful website. Thank you so very much!!!! I should do the same thing with my turtle yard. They are a blast to watch!!

  3. Our barred rock, Sweetpea, has been the best layer and the healthiest of all of our hens. She is now over five years old and lays nearly every day. She’s a little timid but likes to sit on my lap.
    A turtle cam would be fun to watch! Do it!

  4. I live in atascadero and well not too far from you at all. ONe hen has started to lay every other day. The other hens one of them does not crow but she is loud. they are `18 weeks i beleive today. I can’t wait to get more eggs.

  5. Hello, What a fabulous chicken coop!!!! I am an avid gardener and really like what you have created. Would you be be willing to share the size of your coop? I have looked at hundreds. I like the tall and thin look. Thank you, Paula Russo from Boston Massachusetts.

  6. Hi,

    I have been enjoying visiting the hen cams everyday for the last couple of weeks. What is the name of the hen that is always in the hen house before the others as it starts getting dark? She really likes that spot.

    I have also noticed that they lay eggs in the same “box.” Did past hens ever use the other one?

    I also enjoy seeing the weather in Cambria. It seems to be less foggy than the Monterey Peninsula. Oh, by the way, when I don’t see the hens through either cam, are they let out so that they can visit humans? :)


  7. Hello, hope you get this. I have a question about Buff Orphingtons that I think you could answer. Could post your email address….thanks…Jim

  8. Hi Jim. You could email me at I check it about every other day. I’ll help if I can.

  9. My bog got my hen today looks bad feathers and skin on back of neck looks bad what should I bo

  10. Please see my post “Dog Attacked Hen” to see what I did when a neighboring dog got through the gate and attacked Sweetpea. She is still with us. Still laying and is nearly 8 years old. It was worth the effort to save her. Good luck. Keep her away from the other girls until she is nearly healed.

  11. Hello, I wanted to share my hens story with other chicken enthusiasts. Last week 2 dogs killed 15 of my chickens and ducks. One of my 5 survivors is Daphne a 3 yr old Buff Orpington. Her wounds were horrific, never thought she could survive. She had other plans! She had surgery, her wounds were debrided and sutured. Unfortunately she had already become septic with a massive infection. She received fluids and antibiotics. By last night I got her to eat 15 meal worms and drink some Gatorade. Some people think I’m crazy to spend money time and effort on a chicken. If it weren’t for her unbelievable determination to live I would’ve felt putting her thru surgery was cruel. This chicken has inspired and amazed me-every life matters!

  12. A wonderful story, Nicole. Hope it ends well. If Daphne doesn’t live, you will feel O.K. because you did everything possible to save her. I love Buff Orpingtons. They are really sweet. Blessings!

  13. Lee, Thank you for you site, and especially for the hen cam. I love it. Some day in about five years, I hope to retire with a few hens. Currently I am recovering from a surgery resulting from an accident. Your hens are good company. Sincerely, margo

  14. I’m glad they are company for you, Marge. I was laid up for 6 months after my fall and it was such a pleasure for me to watch them out of my window so I know what you mean.
    I love gardening with the hens by my side. They get so excited when I overturn a grub or worm.
    Hope you heal quickly, and when you have more time, add some hens to your life.

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