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Hens are laying again.

9 February 2018
Eggs from three hens, an Easter egger, a barred rock and Buff Orpington.

It’s early February and the hens are laying nearly every day. Green egg is  from an Ameraucana, large tan egg is from a Barred Rock, and medium egg is from a Buff Orpington.

Every afternoon I look forward to seeing what the three hens have laid for us. It is early February and they have finished their molting (moulting).They look clean and fresh and their personalities have changed from cranky to sweet.

Our weather has been warm this winter with sunny days in the 70’s. My apologies to those of you in the country that are still experiencing blizzards. In case you haven’t heard, we’re entering the worst drought in California’s history. If it doesn’t rain soon, we’ll surely have water rationing.

We usually don’t let the hens out to scratch for bugs and destroy the dirt garden paths until late afternoon. This way we can be certain they lay in their nest boxes, instead of in hidden nests among the shrubs. They are now each laying about 5 eggs a week. Thank you, Zelda, Roxanne, and Marigold for these beautiful eggs.

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