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We’ve had Guests

Sweetpea and Daisy have a blooming rosebush in their outdoor coop.


Last week we had a house full of guests. Our youngest son Milo, was married on our deck overlooking the ocean on a sunny afternoon. Guests wandered through the garden and were entertained by Daisy and Sweetpea. The hens love people and several children who were in the wedding party, kept letting them of their outdoor pen. While our garden is fenced, there are a pair of hawks that  keep watch on the hens and when they are not protected, will fly down and sit on the fence, waiting for an opportunity to snag a chicken dinner. After telling the children not to let the hens out again, we put an old padlock on the gate so that we didn’t have to keep watch on the mischievous children. Daisy and Sweetpea had to view the ceremony from “behind bars”.


Wedding on garden deck














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  1. Hi Lee,
    I hope you are feeling better and getting stronger everyday!
    Please write the story about your two new hens, I am so curious!

  2. Lee – I’d love to hear about the new hens, too!

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